DISC believes that transformational distributed ledger technology, coupled with secure mobile communication hardware, has the power to offer faster, more efficient, more secure and more cost effective alternatives to existing platforms used for the exchange of goods, services and information.

DISC is continuously developing its own proprietary applications in payments, credit and messaging that demonstrate and showcase these attributes and are already generating practical benefits for users. As well as making use of the DISC Platform for its own applications, the company works with licensees and other partners looking to develop their own applications targeted at specific business opportunities in the UK and globally.


DISC is a private company and received initial investment to support its work to date from a number of individuals. Most recently has received funding from two institutional investors based in the U.S.


DISC recognises the valuable contribution to its efforts to date from a number of key institutional partners.

These include;



Robert Kay


Robert has a 30 year track record in global finance. Immediately prior to joining DISC Robert led Redkite through a Series A funding and subsequent sale. Previously he has built enterprise businesses within Morgan Stanley and The Chase Manhattan Bank as well as establishing, growing and selling a number of businesses in financial technology and financial publishing. Robert has an MA from and is a Distinguished Friend of Oxford University.


Paul Scott


With over 20 years experience developing financial technology systems for global asset managers combined with more recently starting, growing and selling an early stage technology company, Paul brings a combination of technological vision, start-up experience and a delivery record to the team.


Phil Brown


In a device centric world Phil brings experience in adoption and acceptance of new technologies and solutions. He spent over two decades at Nokia, starting at a time where less than 1% of the world had a mobile phone, planning, developing and implementing innovative go-to-market strategies.

Phil is a graduate from Cambridge University.


DISC is regulated by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’). It is registered by the FCA as a small payment institution (‘SPI’) under reference 762542. Details of the registration can be found at https://register.fca.org.uk