The second application of the DISC platform is in the area of highly secure messaging capabilities.


DISC has been working with The Commonwealth to develop an application that uses the distributed technology of the DISC platform to support a new communication system aimed at combating cross-border crime. The app will create a highly secure messaging system to help law enforcement and prosecutors in different Commonwealth countries cooperate more effectively on criminal investigations. The mobile based application will use distributed ledger and blockchain technology, together with a decentralised record of data that can be verified and shared on a network of computers, to provide a secure and fast communication platform for the exchange of information between jurisdictions. It will be made available to the Commonwealth Network of Contact Persons (CNCP) – Commonwealth justice officials who provide informal advice on criminal investigations and obtaining evidence abroad.



Amy Scott

Project Leader

Amy is responsible for all aspects of DISC dealings with the Commonwealth around the secure messaging system. This involves collecting and collating user requirements from representatives from various countries and using these to develop the initial version of the system. This work includes analysis of identity and security standards necessary to meet the unique circumstances in which the application will be used.